Cân Điện Tử Thông Minh OMS-E

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Cân Điện Tử Thông Minh OMS-E

Cân Nhập Khẩu 100%, Đạt Chất Lượng Đo Lường

Sản Phẩm Chính Hãng, Bảo Hành 12 Tháng, Bảo Trì Vỉnh Viễn

Cam Kết Không Bán Hàng Kém Chất Lượng, Uy Tính

Cân điện tử Vạn Phú, Tổng Đại Lý Cung Cấp Cân Điện Tử

96/3 Nguyễn Văn Thương, P25, Q.BT

Đt/Zalo:  0987069696 - 0947069696

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OMS-E Wireless All-functional Mobile Scale System

  • Wireless connection (WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • Multiple Scales connect simultaneously
  • Weighing and counting switch freely
  • Check weighing or check counting settings
  • Historical Weighing Records Accumulate and Export in Excel
  • Animal Scale Mode
  • Data Integration With ERP
  • Label Design, Print and Share
  • Custom Materials
  • Batching / recipe System
  • External Connection of Warning Lights and Large Display
  • Weighing Monitor
  • Weighing Time and Place View
  • Supports up to 8 load cells
  • Specifications


    What it is?

    Jadever OMS-E Wireless All-functional Mobile Intelligent Scale System the core unit is OMS MOBILE TRANSMITTER to connect with Load Cell to become a scale. The OMS MOBILE TRANSMITTER works conjunction with OMS APP via Bluetooth or WIFI to provide a wireless mobile device weight display for agricultural, industrial and commercial weighing applications, to effect remote viewing and Data Integration etc. It comes with Wireless technology and allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet display as a weight indicator, which can be placed anywhere within 70 meters from the transmitter OMS. 

    OMS-E mobile app Available for download free on Google Play for Android devices.


    How does it work?


           Mobile APP Installation and Operation                            Functions Introduction


                  Label Design and Print                                                 Batching Control

    What it can do?

    √ Historical Weighing Records Accumulate and Export

    OMS-E has function of historical weighing records accumulating and exporting to PC. 

    √ Animal Scale Mode

    After change to Animal scale mode, you can weigh any animal, even if they are jumping or walking always, you can still get an accurate weight without problem. 

    √ Data Integration With ERP

    OMNI-ERP is specially designed for small & medium enterprise, is a simple and practical management system, including Purchase Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management, Report Management. 

    ◎ Purchase Management includes purchase order and purchase receipt. 
    ◎ Sales Management includes sales order, dispatching sheet and delivery. 
    ◎ Inventory Management includes purchase storage, finished product storage, material consume, allocation bill, inventory checking bill, other inventory input, other inventory output.  
    ◎ Report Management includes inventory book and stock checking.  

    √ Label Design, Print and Share

    OMS-E provides powerful label function, you can design the label template freely and print it through peripheral devices of printer module. Meanwhile, the two devices installed with OMS-E App could share the label. 

    √ Custom Materials

    OMS-E simplified version is able to create customized material, setting tare automatically, checking weight and quantity, and external connection of warning lights and large display etc, to obtain smart alert. 

    √ Batching System

    OMS-E is of powerful batching system, to control ingredients accurately. Steps as below:

    1] Create a formula in computer;

    2] Log in APP to download the formula. 

    3] Check the ingredients of formula. 

    4] Start weighing, you can set the tolerance value in advance. 

    5] Upload weighing information to computer. 

    6] View the ingredients data on the computer, OMS-F. 

    √ External Connection of Warning Lights and Large Display

    Is there any way to read the weighing information far away? Yes, with peripheral devices e.g. large display or warning lights, you can read the weighing information without being there of scale. 

    √ Weighing Monitor

    Data monitoring is necessary, besides field monitoring there is another way called remote monitoring. So long as you sit in front of computer, you can monitor long-distance the weighing information from warehouse or receiving area etc. 

    √ Weighing Time and Place View

    On OMS-E App historical records, you can view the weighing time and places. 

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